Produce Grown in Wallace county Kansas

by Dan Brooks and Kelsey Mai


Sharon Springs

Vegetable Delivery/Pickup

This year we are offering Sharon Springs three convenient ways to get our vegetables.



You Pick

We will list what we have available on Wednesday morning and you have 24 hours or until Thursday morning to place your order from our Store Front.  Prices and availability may vary week to week.  Sign up for our email to get reminders each week when orders open.



Want 10 lbs of tomatoes every other week? A bag of lettuce and 2 cucumbers each week? Put in a standing order and we will give you the specific items and quantities you want each week as they become available.



This is a weekly subscription for the best of what we have to offer.. Each week we fill your box with the freshest produce we have.  We offer two sizes $20 (2-3 people) and $30 (4-5 people).  Pay each week or up front for the whole season to receive a 10% discount.

THE FINE DETAILS: Delivery or Pickup is on Friday.  We will deliver to your home or office whichever is more convenient for you. If you aren't  home just leave a cooler out for us.  If you live outside of town and don't work in town pickup maybe the better option. The pickup cooler is located at 219 N Ferlen Ave. on the front porch, so just come by anytime after 11am and grab your bag from the cooler.

Local Farmers Markets

This year we will be vending at three local farmers markets; Colby, Goodland, and Tribune.

Come say hello and get some of the freshest produce around!





515 W 4th St, Colby, KS 67701


Wednesday 5-7



1218 Main St, Goodland, KS 67735


Saturdays 11-2



Main st.






The High Plains Food Coop

We now have produce available through the High Plains Food Coop!  If you have not heard of them, check out their website.  If you live on the Front Range in Colorado you can get food delivered fresh from local farms.

To see what we have available through the coop, check out our producer page.

Growing methods

Since this is our first year growing for the public, we are not "certified" organic, but we still adhere to organic practices. We have the goal to become certified organic as soon as we can manage. If you would like an in depth discussion talk to Dan at the farmers market!

planting garlic fall 2016

planting garlic fall 2016

Minimal Tillage

We like to keep tillage to a minimum in our garden beds.  This helps with soil structure and microbial activity.  It also helps with moisture control and minimizes weed pressure.


No Harmful Substances

We don't use any harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.  If we do need to take preventative measures to save a crop we only use organic, NOP compliant products and only on an as needed basis. We try and control pest with mechanical means first ( row covers, insect screens and traps)

Cover crop of sorgum sudan, cow peas, sunflower, and chicory to prepare a new field.

Cover crop of sorgum sudan, cow peas, sunflower, and chicory to prepare a new field.

Regenerative Techniques

We use regenerative techniques to help improve our soil over time. these include cover croping, green manures, companion planting, and intensive crop rotation.

contact us


The best way to contact us is through E-mail at

If you would like to talk over the phone just send us an email with your number and we will call you as soon as possible.

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